It’s Picture Day, so what a better time to order your yearbook for this school year!

A few things to know before ordering this year:

– We are now with a new yearbook company; Herff Jones Yearbooks. Their company is creative and very user friendly!

– You can search by school name or our job # 21684

– When searching the child’s name it will come up as “not found”, so please click on the pop up for “add child” and continue on with the child’s

– You can order multiple yearbooks in 1 order and under each child’s name if needed.

– 5th Grade Families- You can order the “Yearbook ADS” now as well. “Yearbooks ADS” are a sweet and celebratory dedication for your 5th grader to have in the yearbook.

– ESHARE pictures of the kids to be in the yearbook! We need your help families!
Please utilize the ESHARE tab or save the site eShare to frequently upload photos we can add to the yearbook. It will let you categorize, name them, by date, or theme like “First Day of School” or “Distance learning” or “Halloween”. We will send reminders throughout the year to remind you to upload as well.

School Code: mtedolphin

– You will be able to confirm your orders throughout the year now. For those of us that can never remember if we ordered at the beginning of the year or not, then race to try to get a hold of someone who knows…haha..this alleviates all that stress. Just keep your log on info and you’ll be able to confirm.

Our amazing Mrs. Shelton is the hard work behind so many yearbooks but we are trying to take a few things off her plate this year. She will be heading up the creative and design end while Janielle Beason will head up all administrative end. We hope to streamline the process and make a beautiful yearbook this year!

For any questions please email

Yearbook orders, 5th grade ads and esharing can all be done at , using the Job #21684 .

BUSD will begin the 2020-21 School Year (Aug. 17) with Full Virtual Learning. In an effort to adhere to the current Solano County Public Health orders of social distancing we will continue to conduct business electronically as much as possible.Click Here for The Latest Info
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